Minecraft Earth Crafting Guide

If you’ve been having troubles understanding, need a brush up or are new to the game’s building mechanics this should be a helpful article. Here’s a quick straight forward Minecraft Earth crafting guide. This is a simple element of the game that will help you produce special items out of the materials you collect. You start this process by clicking the middle icon of your main navigation.

This will open up an area that has a bunch of icons in a row. Following the initial row of icons is three slots for preparing creations and below that are the various recipes that can be made. You simply head to the recipes area and pick from the list that’s available. The ones that are highlighted and lit up are what can be created. When you tap on any of them it’ll show what materials are needed as shown in the picture that follows.
Minecraft Earth crafting
It’s easy to then choose how much you want to make of the selected object by clicking plus or minus. Keep in mind that you need the resources required in order to make more or less. You can click the minus off the start and it’ll show the maximum amount you can make right away. It’ll also display below the desired creation just how long it will take time wise to produce.

That is real time, so for some of these builds you’ll be waiting awhile. Simple items are fast, rare and complex ones are time consuming to make. If you’re good to go, select craft and then the time will start to tick down. Once the time has run out, you’re then able to choose the object that’s finished to collect it, and that will appear within your inventory.

It’s easy to understand, and not at all a complicated procedure. This is very straight forward, and once you do it a single time I won’t imagine you’ll have any issues repeating the process. You can of course leave the app, and this will do its own thing. You don’t have to be watching it the entire time. This is a core element of the experience, and something you’ll be doing often in order to add special features to your buildplates in the game.

You can craft a wide range of well known items, and some unique ones as well. Keep in mind that rarity will alter how long the process takes, and there are many filtering options if you find your inventory bloated. This is all about making it easy to create what you want, and to then have fun with it.

You can speed up this process by using the in-game currency of rubies. These rubies are purchased in the store, or earned through game progression. Hopefully you found this particular guide helpful, you can read another one below or check out our hub for further coverage on this franchise.

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