Minecraft Dungeons

Release Date: May 26 2020
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Mojang

This is the first spin-off for the massive Minecraft universe that provides a dungeon crawling experience. Players will be attempting to battle back against the Arch-Illager in order to save the various villagers that have been taken. Work through many intense levels gathering loot along the way, and gaining new special abilities.

Explore a variety of iconic biomes, work through large groups of mobs and of course take on new enemies as well. It’s the game you know, but completely changed not only in perspective but also in expanding the experience in new ways. Do this alone, or cooperatively with four other local or online players as well.

Minecraft Dungeons Box Art

Review Score: 8.5/10
Install Size: 2.54 GB
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Features & Versions
Xbox One X Enhanced, 4k Resolution
Dungeon Crawling
Procedural Generation

There are epic dungeons within the world of Minecraft that groups will have to conquer in order to collect loot and expand their knowledge of the lore.

Online Coop Multiplayer: 4 Players
Local Coop Multiplayer: 4 Players

Hero Edition-Hero Cape, two player skins, chicken pet. Two DLC packs when available.