Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts List

Release Date: May 26 2020
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Mojang

In Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon crawler spin-off entry in the franchise there are a pile of special artifacts to collect. These unique items will aid you greatly during combat, and you’re able to equip any three of them at any point you’d like to. You can do this while in the middle of a level, between rounds at the camp and even during combat.

You will be able to find better versions of existing artifacts as you continue to play. Find these during regular gameplay as you would regular loot, or pay the wandering trader at your base camp in order to get a random level appropriate item. The full list is below, and we’ll add to as more are discovered or made available. They also each have a brief description so that you can understand what they do provide gameplay wise.

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Review Score: 8.5/10
Install Size: 2.54 GB
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All Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts
Boots of Swiftness
-Grants the ability to move quickly.

Corrupted Beacon
-Trap the souls of those you've beaten to fire a powerful beam forward.

Death Cap Mushroom
-Gain some brief perks on your character from the mushroom. This includes attack and movement speed.

Fireworks Arrow
-Launch a single powerful arrow with explosive range to clear large groups of mobs.

Fishing Rod
-Use this mighty tool to briefly stun an enemy.

Flaming Quiver
-Launch some powerful fire based arrows to light up mobs and the area.

Light Feather
-Jump into the air in order to escape a dangerous situation with grace.

Lightning Rod
-Use this to summon some lightning where ever you want to.

Tasty Bone
-Use this to summon a wolf pal to assist you in battle.

Totem of Regeneration
-Create a small open circle to heal yourself and others within.

Totem of Shielding
-Gain a powerful shielding option for a brief time.

Totem of Soul Protection
-This will provide a brief protection.

Wind Horn
-This will stun and push mobs away for a brief amount of time.

Wonderful Wheat
-This will summon a stun spitting Llama to assist you in combat.

Golem Call (FULL NAME TBA)
-This will summon a golem to assist in battle.

Shock Powder
-Stuns enemies to allow for a swift exit.

Iron Hide Amulet
-Provides a major boost to defense for a short time.

-This siphons the souls of the dead and causes an explosion.

Ghost Cloak
-Briefly gain a ghostly form to move through mobs and absorb some damage.

Soul Healer
-Heals the most injured ally nearby, including yourself.

Love Medallion
-Can turn up to three enemies into allies for up to ten seconds before they vanish.