Minecraft Dungeons Runes Guide & Bonus Secret Moo Level Unlock

May 24, 2020 at 3:53pm
By Jason Stettner

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers and a full guide to unlocking the special ??? level within Minecraft Dungeons. We’re supposed to note this spoilers disclaimer as part of any content past a certain point in regards to pre-launch coverage.

We’re releasing this now as we noticed others posting it and we don’t want it to seem as though we copied what others found. This took a fair bit of searching, it’s in a written and video format below. I’d like to thank H2OAcidic of Marooner’s Rock for assisting on this easter egg hunt.

In Minecraft Dungeons there’s an awesome secret bonus level that goes by ???, it’s also called Moo. What it is, is basically a massive Mooshroom Island. This is essentially a paradise to me, as I love these creatures in the game and felt bad that they weren’t present until we finally got this area unlocked. This is post-game content, as in you’ll need to finish a single playthrough. Once that’s done you can head to your camp to get this started.

In the camp you need to head past the housing area and across the springboards. From there head down alongside the hills until there’s a parting with trees. Follow this opening within the trees to where you see what comes across as a church-like building, hit the lever in front of that to send down a drawbridge.

This allows faster access to the area straight from the camp past the practice dummies. Inside the church you’ll notice what I’m guessing are developer portraits and at the end of that hallway is mysterious rock formation with ten rune options.

There are nine levels in the game, the only part we assume is that the first rune is provided by finishing the game one time through on any difficulty. The other nine runes are found on the levels which I’ll begin going over.

To briefly start, if you want to figure this out yourself without guidance there’s a portrait of a dog just prior to seeing the rune alter. Click the portrait for both a picture, and an audio cue of where one of the runes might be hidden. Continue to do this to get additional clues for the various runes.

For a quick note, prior to starting you can quit levels after you’ve collected each rune. You can also accomplish this in coop play online, and it’ll count for you. This coop aspect might be glitchy, but you both are getting credited.

Creeper Woods Rune
This one is located in the part where you’re freeing all of the villagers. You’ll find it to the corner of the area within this large smooth stone slab spot. It’s however closed, so you need to activate it using a hidden pressure plate that’s found within cobblestone slabs. It’s literally all within the same viewing area, not too hard to find. Once that’s activated, enter the area and grab your special prize for the very first time.
Minecraft Dungeons Runes
Soggy Swamp
This is found during the escape portion of the level, so right near the end. Just as you’re about to leave you’ll notice a sort of smooth stone tower with vines. It’s right beside a large dirt hill. There should be another pressure plate there, hit it and you’ll notice a large area open up.

Cacti Canyon Rune
This one is fairly easy to find, it’s located right where you’re getting a key for the first time. These are the keys that open large walls that block progress within the game. To the side of this key prior to entering a more open spot holding said key you’ll notice a pressure plate hidden behind a palm tree which is right beside a little pool of water. This will open up the door right behind where the key is located. Venture in and grab the prize.

Pumpkin Pastures Rune
This is another easy one to find, and the first one I came across actually. When moving through the level you’ll notice a high wall type of structure. It really does stick out, featuring some pillars of smooth stone and little usage of acacia wood. It’s a long basically catwalk type of tower wall to walk across. You’ll find this pressure plate right behind some wooden boxes, and then the door will open up.

Redstone Mines Rune
This part is at the second set of freeing mining villagers. It’s a bit harder of a spot to find, it should be hidden against a wall by some redstone crystals on the floor and against some cubed rocks. Not the best explanation, mostly just keep going against the edges in that room and you’ll find it. The pressure plate will open up the door for you to enter.

Desert Temple Rune
This is another easy one to grab. Right at the moment you need to grab a key you’ll notice a hidden lever behind a palm tree and near some grass. This will open the door there. Again, shouldn’t be a problem, literally right beside the key in that little room area.
Minecraft Dungeons Mooshroom Monstrosity
Fiery Forge Rune
This is another super simple one, it’s right at the start of the level. Once you go through the first travel door it’ll be found right beside the large destroyed golem. It’s a lever on the wall behind that creature’s remains against the wall and near the lava waterfall type area. Very simple, and it’ll open a door there.

Highblock Halls Rune
This one is located in the outdoor area where it’s raining. It’s on the higher elevated path area and is simply a lever on the wall. This will open the door for access, easy to find quite honestly.

Obsidian Pinnacle Rune
This one will take some grinding to get through. When you’re in the library area you’ll notice this very long hall, once the enemies are cleared head to the bookshelf at the back and there should be a prompt to open the wall up. This will grant you the last rune you’re looking for and some loot as well which is nice to be granted for sure.

Wrapping up and ??? Level
That’s all you need, head back to camp and go to the alter area to input your rune stones. Gather the scroll on the table, the free loot if you’d like to and then head onto the map to find the mysterious island. Good luck with those Mooshrooms, and this fun easter egg reference to a Diablo cow bonus level.

Definitely a neat reference, and it’s great to see this sort of thing included within the game. This puzzle was in general a lot of fun to do, and filled with some seriously great loot once you grace the island. It might be worth grinding out a few times for piles of XP and great weapons since so many Mooshrooms are present there.

I do feel bad taking out the cows though, they’re typically my pets within regular Minecraft. There’s also a Mooshroom Monstrosity so be careful out there! I hope you found this helpful, read our review of the game below or check out our hub for Minecraft Dungeons to get additional content.

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