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Minecraft The Vampire King Review

The Minecraft The Vampire King is a Store Community World that offers a completely fresh adventure within the game. Created by Blockworks this pack provides some time yet seems unfocused. This is an interesting level as it starts out really scripted, includes some great cinematic like moments and then just gets ridiculous. I wouldn't suggest attempting this alone and definitely say a whole team is needed. The point of this is to provide a loose story and then grant a survival area to play from after. I was impressed with the architecture, it's well done and grand in scale. The outside areas seem slightly hastily put together whereas the church and core castle are awesome.

You generally move around the outside areas dealing with enemies on the dark road and then start making your way directly to the castle. The latter is far less interesting than the former here. Once you get inside you need to eliminate targets, but you're never sure where they are or even who you're dealing with. It's confusing and a bit ridiculous in how many enemies you face. It was so bad we honestly quit halfway through the castle battles as that wasn't worth our time. I will say though that the detail on the vampires was great and the custom creations were well done.
Minecraft The Vampire King Review

The Conclusion

This The Vampire King from Blockworks is quite a meh map, it has a good start and then goes too open. The amount of enemies in the late game was stupidly overwhelming and it's not a good time. I loved the custom items they made here and the structural builds are well done for the most part. It just lacks narrative going open instead of being an intimate adventure. It turns into a pure, kill everything and enjoy hordes. This is made worse by the lack of checkpoints as you'll have to walk forever, we did bring a bed eventually yet this type of setup should have had checkpoints with beds at least. There was some potential here, the vampires were great yet the context of the level just didn't excite despite having a good opening.

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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner