Minecraft How to Tame Bees and Breed Them

The buzzing Bees are the latest mob creature to join the wonderful block world of Minecraft. These smaller critters can be found flying within flower type areas and open plains. Mostly flower forest biomes specifically. They're typically beside their favorite food, which are flowers. These critters love to feast on the pollen of the flowers to increase their honey level.

The key to taming them is the use of just a flower. This is probably something many will wonder about as mating animals in the game is often desired as you can get an off-spring and have more of them soaring around. This is a rather easy process, very simple with these creatures.

Basically, just keep feeding them the flowers until hearts appear over their head and push them together if they're not just meeting each other. It takes two for baby bees, and they have a five minute real world cool down before more breeding is possible between those involved. Minecraft How to Tame Bees and Breed Them
That's right, it may not just be about getting the heart emotion going. You may actually have to manually get them closer together. It's also important to remove the flowers from your hand after doing so as they'll be drawn to you instead of their mate which makes them harder to tame. When bred, the offspring will be small and can grow up faster with additional flowers. Each flower you add reduces the growth time by ten percent with their total maturity being an in-game day, or well twenty real minutes.

You may need to sneak up on them, they're fast and move quickly in the air. For additional details, the creatures are found during the day and head to their hives/nests at night. They don’t like the rain, and smoke from campfires chills them out. They’re docile, so they won’t harm you unless attacked. They have ten health points, with an equal love for nest or hive homes.

If any of the critters die you’ll get no drops, items or experience from them. They also communicate and let one another know where the best flower spots area. I hope this guide on how to tame Bees and breed them in Minecraft was helpful. Check out our hub for further guides and coverage of the block based game.

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