Halo Infinite

Release Date: 2021
Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite is the bold return of The Master Chief that's being powered by the Slipspace Engine which promises an open world feel while refining the visuals and style the franchise is known for. Prepare for the next generation of Spartan action across campaign, multiplayer and other modes.

Halo Infinite Box Art

Review Score: X/10
Install Size: X GB
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Features & Versions
Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox One X Enhanced, 4k Resolution, HDR

The next chapter in the Master Chief's Story.

Local Coop Splitscreen: 4 Players
Online Coop: 4 Players
Local Multiplayer Splitscreen: 4 Players
Online Multiplayer: 1-Unknown Players

Not Available Yet