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Halo Infinite Four Player Splitscreen Confirmed

Halo Infinite is set to have four player splitscreen according to 343 Industries developers during a recent Mixer stream. This follows past details and information released stating that splitscreen would make a return in the future entry. It was also noted by the company in the past that all future Halo titles will have support for local play. This is therefore quite a step up bringing back the classic style of four players together at once. A well loved feature that got many players into the series in the first place. This is apparently possible due to the leaps made with the Slipspace Engine that will power the Master Chief's latest adventure.

It should be interesting to see if this does make the full release, especially since Halo 5: Guardians didn't have any local support. This was a long time key aspect of the franchise and really something everyone had enjoyed from the previous entries. Fans will be pleased of its return when the game launches on Xbox One and the future Xbox consoles. Read further about the game below with the included news piece or view the hub for additional coverage.

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