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Halo Infinite Exploration Rewarded with Larger Areas

Halo Infinite will apparently grant special secrets and perhaps bonuses since exploration will be rewarded. This comes in the form of a mysterious and vague Tweet from Frank O' Connor. The specific interesting detail is this in response to being asked about details within the upcoming massive shooter from Xbox. The important quoted area is "The water will be varied. Natural landscapes will feature prominently. We know which Ring it is. Exploration will be rewarded."

This leads not necessarily to an open world game as some were guessing, but perhaps a return to larger areas like with Halo: Combat Evolved. It seems this is a specific Ring that the Master Chief and the Marines have landed upon. It will be a very natural looking area with varied water and natural landscapes, which could mean some shifting settings to a degree. Whatever the case, your searching will be rewarded like usual with the franchise and perhaps larger areas are being teased here. The team at 343 Studios certainly knows the secrets and more will be revealed over time at events such as E3 2019. Read further about the game below with the included news piece or view the hub for additional coverage.

The Tweet
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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner