10 Xbox Game Pass January 2021 Games Suggestions

January 29, 2021 at 5:55pm
By Jason Stettner

With so many titles being available on the subscription service, it can be hard to find something to play. Here are ten Xbox Game Pass January 2021 games suggestions to check out and try on the service. These should all be available to play right away, or close to within the month.

Hopefully there’s a good variety of games presented here, and maybe you’ll find something new to check out that you might have overlooked or not have known it was on the service. This is a console focused listing though some may also be on the PC, and it’s not in a ranked order. Best to give them all a whirl if you have time or interest in them!

There should be a wide range of offerings from family oriented titles, to say mature ones and everything in between. Look forward to a monthly listing from us every single month throughout the year near the start of each month to help kick things off. This counts down from ten to one, again without a specific ranking for any of the offerings in mind.

#10: Full Throttle Remastered

The classic adventure game delivers epic moments as you drive around in the ultimate motorcycle based journey. What a ride, with action at every corner.

#9: Super Hot Mind Control Delete

The battle is just starting as you once again face off against a series of red tinted glass folks in this beyond the scope of reality strategy shooter.

#8: Slime Rancher

Tend to your garden of lovely slimes in this absolutely delightful and charming tale of exploration and discover. The story is really emotionally driven as you work through it as well.

#7: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Now in the 2D platformer form factor you’ll need to tackle this intense lair by working through various levels and improving your abilities. There are some neat altering effects that can change these levels too which is exciting.

Xbox Game Pass Yooka-Laylee

#6: Call of the Sea

One incredible journey where you try to solve puzzles and make your way through an island in order to find out what happened to your beloved.

#5: Neoverse

This is a strategic rogue light deck building game featuring flashy designs and intense battles the whole way through.

#4: Greedfall

An epic RPG where you’re heading out onto this mystical island in search of a cure for your dying homeland, it won’t be an easy journey, taking a lot of courage and dialogue to make it work.

#3: The Medium

Dive into this grim environment where you’ll be balancing two worlds, the regular sense of reality and then this super twisted supernatural one. Discover grim, lost secrets along the way.

Xbox Game Pass The Medium

#2: Yakuza 3 Remastered

The journey continues as you attempt to battle back against the forces that are building while also balancing some rather intense responsibilities in this next chapter of the epic Yakuza series.

#1: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Time to once again venture across this majestic landscape in a version that allows for mods and fully increases the quality of the world to those that venture within it.

That’s the list for the best Xbox Game Pass games January 2021, hopefully you found some interesting options. It’s our goal to provide an interesting list of suggestions every single month throughout the year. Just keep in mind that over time some games get removed, or re-added and there’s always something new to play.

Hopefully the selected options above stay on the service for a long while so that the listings are relevant for extended periods of time, but that’s not always the case of course. These lists hopefully provided a varied offering whether you want family games, casual party ones or even gripping multiplayer. Some single player setups, indie titles or even a wild expansive RPG. Always something fresh and distinct being added within this offering from Microsoft.

Basically something for every age group or type of audience out there in the gaming space. We will continue to try and provide varied, as well as fresh options each month that we do this in. We have a review for one of them below, or you can check out the general platform hub for additional coverage of the ecosystem of games too. Have fun, and of course happy gaming.

Other important information is that this is a monthly plan that can be subscribed to. It does provide some interesting little goodie bonuses to gamers and also rewards as well for checking out the titles or earning Achievements. On top of that, if you want to buy to own the games or even DLC content you get deals off all of that content.

This comes as a pass just for the console, or just for the PC and an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass offering for both which includes Gold as well as Project xCloud. The first party titles are available day one on the program, and many other perks are present as well. It’s the best deal in gaming in our opinion. It also continues to dynamically change with so many neat offers.

It’s something that will grown and is often compared as being the Netflix of gaming. It should be neat to see how this monthly subscription grows and changes over time. Hopefully the extra details were helpful, or provided additional insight into just what is provided here and how the selections were made for this month.

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