10 Xbox Game Pass September 2020 Games Suggestions

August 31, 2020 at 9:20pm
By Jason Stettner

With so many titles being available on the subscription service, it can be hard to find something to play. Here are ten Xbox Game Pass September 2020 games suggestions to check out and try on the service. These should all be available to play right away, or close to within the month.

Hopefully there’s a good variety of games presented here, and maybe you’ll find something new to check out that you might have overlooked or not have known it was on the service. This is a console focused listing though some may also be on the PC, and it’s not in a ranked order. Best to give them all a whirl if you have time or interest in them!

There should be a wide range of offerings from family oriented titles, to say mature ones and everything in between. Look forward to a monthly listing from us every single month throughout the year near the start of each month to help kick things off. This counts down from ten to one, again without a specific ranking for any of the offerings in mind.

#10: SpiritFarer

This is a calm, relaxing and generally lovely management game about dying. As Stella, you’re a ferrymaster of the deceased. You’ll build a boat to explore the world and then care for spirits along your voyages. It’s a system of care prior to the spirits being sent off into the afterlife.

You’ll farm, mine, fish, cook and craft your way across various the mystical seas. Spend quality time relaxing with the growing crew as you say good bye to friends over time with memories that will last an eternity.

#9: Xeno Crisis

This is an arena shooter that is a faithful port of the original hit 16 bit game. There are of course some extras there as well. It features an intense FM chiptune and two difficulty levels. There are three modes for different ways to play and the option to do this alone or with another individual in local coop. Master a roster of ten weapons as you take on the role of a marine tasked with blasting away some intense alien enemies.

Save regular people, explore the devastated research outpost and of course prepare to face off against some absolutely massive monstrous abominations in the form of bosses. There are seven distinct areas, each with random generation for each time you go to play to keep things fresh. Good luck out there soldier.

#8: The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

This is the first part of a narrative driven series of horror games. From the terrifying minds behind Until Dawn, get ready for the Man of Medan. Set sail on this rather dangerous ship that has some horrors that will most definitely surprise you. The decisions you make will directly impact the lives of the characters. Those choices will determine which will survive, and of course which will perish along the way.

It’s a chilling perspective with replay value as things could go in an entirely different direction each time you head out there into the cold waters that this Ghost Ship is situated within. It’s also go some neat multiplayer for two players online, or five players locally. That adds a coop angle to the survival, and completely changes the dynamics at play for the group of characters. It features branching horror moments, and a signature style that the group is known for.

#7: Darksiders Genesis

While you can play this with others, it’s quite a blast in two player coop whether you’re doing that locally or online. The Council has sent the two Horseman War and Strifer to deal with Lucifer. The two are still reeling from the events on Eden, and now they must deal with this deceptive demon king.

Through a number of fairly hardcore, action packed levels you’ll figure out what’s going on deal with a rather demonic sort of conspiracy. There are many mythical elements and this does stray from other entries in the series by being a sort of top down twin stick shooter. It features many puzzles action, unique abilities and a RPG element too. It’s definitely a surprising experience, and one that will require some skills to work through.

Xbox Game Pass Darksiders

#6: New Super Lucky’s Tale

The lovely and charming platformer returns with various enhancements to the experience. They’ve redone the original with many overhauled mechanics. This includes redesigned levels, brand new levels and a brand new camera. There are tighter controls, expanded story segments and even further developed cinematics. It’s a lovely 3D platformer that has some 2D side scrolling segments to it as well.

It has a wide range of levels, many mini games and of course puzzles to tackle as well. You’re trying to work through this journey within the Book of Ages. You’ll be facing off against the evil sorcerer Jinx and his villains family known as the Kitty Litter! Along the way you’ll gather coins and other collectibles, the former of which will allow you to get some fun cosmetics for Lucky. It’s a great option for all audience types. It really is the type of game that anyone can enjoy across charming levels, and somewhat challenging bosses as well.

#5: Double Kick Heroes

This is a rather strange and unique experience. This is a shoot’em up that’s been mixed into the style of a rhythm game. Across thirty levels of madness with intense music tracks build in you’ll be blasting monsters to save your band.

This includes zombies, zombified creatures and other messed up things. Only the power of metal can save your crew. There’s also an arcade mode featured as part of this. It features explosions, rebels and one insane trip through the apocalypse. Good luck out there.

#4: Final Fantasy VII

The legendary and very well known seventh main entry is available in this regular format or also the HD one. Whichever version you fancy, but we’re focusing on the original nostalgic piece that runs better than ever. It also features a 3x speed mode, the ability to turn off battle encounters and a battle enhancement mode.

The world has fallen under the dominion of the Shinra Electric power Company, a most sinister of groups. As Cloud Strife, a former member of the elite soldier unit you’re now a mercenary lending aid to the local rebels. This does go deeper however, in a battle throughout the area of Midgar. It’s a daunting journey, and one that will definitely hit you on an emotional level.

#3: Battletoads

I had missed this one last month due to it being announced just after my listing. The well known Battletoads have returned after decades of being lost to time. This one picks up where we left off as the group of toads attempt to reach a level of fame they had never achieved prior. Watch the crew as you meet up with a familiar foe, and go on brand new cosmic brawling adventures.

For the most part you’re smashing things with three player local couch coop being available. Aside from that are a series of random mini games and wacky situations the whole way through. It’s also generally quite hilarious and filled with some straight up bizarre segments. It’s definitely a different sort of continuation, but just the type of meta filled adventure that fans have been waiting for.

Xbox Game Pass Resident Evil

#2: Resident Evil 7

The complete reinvention of the horror franchise throws you right into the first person perspective as you witness many unsettling sights. Try to survive various terrifying situations on a path to figure out what is exactly going on in this more intimate tale within the canon of the series.

This abandoned southern farmhouse has some seriously messed up twists, and in general this game brings a level of immersion that’s never been seen before within the franchise. It was a serious surprise and perhaps something entirely new even if you haven’t played any of the prior games since this does somewhat come across as a standalone situation. This one is great for returning Resident Evil players, or those fresh to the franchise that want to be absolutely terrified.

#1: Drake Hollow

This is a really interesting survival game with a focus on camp building. The idea of it is to protect these adorable creatures called Drakes. You’re feeding them crystals to grow them and therefore enhance the options available from your fort area. You’ll work through seasons scavenging for resources, battling monsters and fending off raids.

This can be experienced entirely alone, or in groups of four player coop which is exciting to try out. It features many hours of gameplay content, and some challenging situations as caring for these critters isn’t necessarily an easy task to complete. Hopefully you’re up to, as it’s quite a fun experience with many hardcore twists to it.

That’s the list for the best Xbox Game Pass games September 2020, hopefully you found some interesting options. It’s our goal to provide an interesting list of suggestions every single month throughout the year. Just keep in mind that over time some games get removed, or re-added and there’s always something new to play.

Hopefully the selected options above stay on the service for a long while so that the listings are relevant for extended periods of time, but that’s not always the case of course. These lists hopefully provided a varied offering whether you want family games, casual party ones or even gripping multiplayer. Some single player setups, indie titles or even a wild expansive RPG. Always something fresh and distinct being added within this offering from Microsoft.

Basically something for every age group or type of audience out there in the gaming space. We will continue to try and provide varied, as well as fresh options each month that we do this in. We have a review for one of them below, or you can check out the general platform hub for additional coverage of the ecosystem of games too. Have fun, and of course happy gaming.

Other important information is that this is a monthly plan that can be subscribed to. It does provide some interesting little goodie bonuses to gamers and also rewards as well for checking out the titles or earning Achievements. On top of that, if you want to buy to own the games or even DLC content you get deals off all of that content.

This comes as a pass just for the console, or just for the PC and an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass offering for both which includes Gold as well as Project xCloud. The first party titles are available day one on the program, and many other perks are present as well. It’s the best deal in gaming in our opinion. It also continues to dynamically change with so many neat offers.

It’s something that will grown and is often compared as being the Netflix of gaming. It should be neat to see how this monthly subscription grows and changes over time. Hopefully the extra details were helpful, or provided additional insight into just what is provided here and how the selections were made for this month.

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