A Great 1 Year with Playstation 4

With the Playstation 4 I jumped onto the platform a bit later into the generation as I'm traditionally just a Xbox/PC player and typically get my gaming fix there. After seeing the way things were headed in the generation, the general draw of exclusives over the years and wanting more games to cover I dove in.

Now this certainly isn't some sort of opinion piece we're I announce some odd switch over to the console, I still primarily play Xbox as I like the multiplayer options though an article looking at how great the Playstation 4 has been over the past year. The single player experiences have been a particular blast and an absolute treat with some stellar indie titles as well.

I started things off with my first play of The Uncharted collection which aged somewhat well with Uncharted 2 being a highlight and these were mostly played in preparation for "A Thief's End". Drake is a definitely a likeable character with some crazy stunts and an emotional story, but I did question the mass amounts of killing finding it comical at times.

After those were finished I played some smaller titles and had my first go with Firewatch on the console. If you haven't played that game it's absolutely beautiful, short yet charming and ever mysterious. I also played a Kenran Kagura title for the first time, that was quite something for sure.

I played that and some other similar odd foreign games; not at all bad times there, just something that's different than what I've been used to. There were some gaps in time where I didn't play as I mention once more that I bought the Playstation 4 for exclusives or games unavailable console wise elsewhere.

On the launch of Uncharted 4 I jumped right into the game finding the story to be stunning not only in how the narrative was tied up, but the unreal environments and lengthy campaign. The multiplayer honestly wasn't great but still a fun time for what I did play. I'm actually really looking forward to the standalone DLC as well since it brings back Chloe that was sadly absent from recent entries.

A Great 1 Year with Playstation 4 Uncharted 4 Screenshot

Sometime after completing Uncharted 4 I was headed to E3 and luckily I got an invite to check out the Playstation Experience. This was an amazing event that really focused on games and it wasn't just the show that was a blast.

The event starts with open snacking and drinks for press to chat outside which was a lovely mixer. This aspect also helped not only with networking, but to build pre-hype as you chat with others on what's about to happen.

The show itself was glorious taking place in this gorgeous classy theater, there was a live mini orchestra for God of War and the presentation was great. It got even better at the after party where there were full PSVR setups, food/drinks and a majestic donut wall. A donut wall is a wall that's filled with different donuts, I was flabbergasted.

So Playstation E3 was fun for sure and then I went back to gaming over the rest of the year. Thumper was an intense rhythm game that I heavily suggest, especially if you have the VR setup. I also loved Dragon Quest Builders where it's got a nice mix of RPG play and Minecraft type building.

I more recently was able to play Until Dawn which was splendid taking place close to where I reside and except for the odd twist I found it really good. I hope they make similar games like that in the future as it captured the old school horror feel while also bringing interesting choice elements to play.

There was also Tales of Berseria that I just wrapped up and I loved it despite not playing any of the other apparent titles. I'm also going to note totally based off of my E3 experience and not what I'm currently reviewing that Loot Rascals is tons of fun.

A Great 1 Year with Playstation 4 Tales of Berseria Screenshot

That was basically just a year of having a Playstation 4 around and it's brought many fun experiences. I look forward to seeing the future games as well since their single player exclusives are just stacked in the coming years.

If you have any suggestions for games I missed out on earlier let me know as I love playing games and know that Bloodborne or Ratchet and Clank are titles I need to pick-up eventually.

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