A Hat in Time Review

"Wool Hats"


A Hat in Time is a charming and absolutely lovely platformer that follows this young girl as she attempts to reclaim lost hourglasses that have been spread out across various realms. It's not an easy task however as many bad folks and obstacles appear along the way. The game is stacked with a solid selection of levels across various worlds and you'll work through them in order to get your next hourglass. After you've collected so many of these items you'll unlock a new area and progress further in the core narrative.

It's somewhat simple in thought, yet complex and most of all fun as you work through it all. It's certainly something any age could enjoy and I had a blast with it. The worlds vary greatly presenting various charming themes with a highlight being a play on the Murder on the Orient Express which was also a gorgeous level.

Not only was it a visually distinct area, the whole little "murder mystery" was just charming and I had a smile the whole time. There's a nice balance of linear and open world play here as you work the various locations attempting to complete whatever the current goals are. You get that sense of working through a story while also having the freedom to play around trying to collect things.


The controls are great as is the platforming in the game. Nothing should be too difficult, yet some challenge is present. You're able to easily hop along, bop enemies or just work through various objectives in a fun way. You can also craft additional hats using found wool to unlock further abilities.

The worlds are lovely, varied and filled with smaller details. There are so many things to collect, enemies to take on and little side things you can do while playing. It's these side interactions that add an extra sense of enjoyment to it and the lead character was quiet yet ever so charming.
A Hat in Time Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

What a great game, A Hat in Time was just enjoyable and ever so charming featuring this lovely tale that anyone could enjoy. The platforming was fun, the action was well done and the pacing for story against an open world was great.

I don't really have any issues with the general game finding a solid amount of content, the option to explore further aside from the core story and an entertaining tale for these hourglasses. The variation in levels was excellent with so many different tasks to do as you attempted to power your ship up with time. It's feels exactly like a modern title, yet has that nostalgic aspect to it from the early days of 3D platformers and it works so well here.

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A Hat in Time Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner