A Knight's Quest Review

"Light Adventures"


October 23, 2019 at 3:45am
By Jason Stettner

This is a single play narrative driven RPG adventure that provides a linear setup. It’s rather enchanting as you work through fantasy settings to solve puzzles and deal with enemies. This is a game that’s aimed more towards the younger audience, but I had some fun playing through it. It’s definitely light hearted, and with that a bit simplistic.

It’s not particularly difficult, but does provide a number of locations with various challenges to work through. You will also come across a selection of easy going bosses, and some characters with dialogue as well. It’s about your heroic character working with this one person from town in order to rediscover lost powers as you hunt for the knights that have vanished.

It’s a good enough reason to get out there, and you do get to scale a vast enough world. The areas you visit aren’t too massive, but you get a good sense of distance within them and are largely guided throughout them without too much straying. Some hidden secrets are present too.


There are bright visuals in this one with a shining light atmosphere to it. This makes certain things just pop visually, from the various generic items to the stand out flora. The environments are well done in this, presenting a good sense of where you are and the biomes you’re moving through.

I did notice some performance issues on Xbox One X, it wasn’t very smooth which was disappointing. It wasn’t too bad being a single player experience, but it was noticeable. The combat is generally fine, nothing too adventurous and it works fine here as you battle creatures. The bosses offer more variety for combat, as do some specialty enemies.

The puzzles had some variety to them, some required you to move around the area in order to shift things. You shouldn’t really have much difficulty understanding what you’re supposed to be doing while playing. This really is aimed more towards the younger ones, which is fine and I’m mentioning this as it gives context into the difficulty situations do provide within this.
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The Conclusion

A Knight’s Quest is an alright light style RPG that is linear in nature with an overall quest that hits well for the younger audience out there. It’s a fine title, and in a saturated genre of the type it’s nice to have something easier going for those that might find the mature ones a bit much.

It’s linear in design, but still has a fun sense of adventure to it. It leans into that when it comes to the narrative elements, and the overall sense of this larger purpose. It was generally an enjoyable and easy going time. I wish the performance would have been better however. As that did take away from the magic.

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A Knight's Quest Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner