All Halo Games Should be Xbox One X Enhanced

While I was really looking for a Halo 3 Anniversary this year, I suppose that did arrive in the form of a Xbox One X Enhancement of Halo 3. This was most certainly a surprise as I didn't expect Xbox 360 games to get a boost in graphics. With that, the results for the title were absolutely incredible and it sets a standard for what could possibly be done going forward. Using Halo 3 as an example it could be a push for the Xbox team to show other developers that it's worth the time to improve these older games for future generations to enjoy on the consoles to come. While it's great to have one entry in the series looking better and all cleaned up, all the Halo games should be Xbox One X enhanced.

This would give a strong showcase of what can be done for games from various years of releases while giving players a great option to play these games for a longer time. I'm personally more interested in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection enhancement since those games are 60fps, but not everything is included in that bundle. I can see certain players wanting the exact experience they left from time to time or even for other reasons. This could be a quest for those old never unlocked achievements or folks that for whatever reason still have friends on the older console. I could even see Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 2 from the Original Xbox getting enhanced and that would be great as well.

All Halo Games Should be Xbox One X Enhanced
While it might not be possible to get all the Halo games enhanced as they really should be since they're the flagship series on the console. I do have some that would be really great for this treatment with the top game being Halo Reach. It's the sad and odd main entry that's been mostly left to the side. Sure it has basic Xbox Backwards Compatibility, but with the rough stretch to 4k it doesn't look great. Not only would a boost in textures go a long way, the general performance increase on the Xbox One X matched with those textures would do wonders. Another title I'd love to see would be the Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, it's a recent release and I was surprised it has been completely left out of any conversation.

I'm not sure how much work is required to make these games look better, but any sort of enhancement could greatly increase the look and longevity of Xbox's main franchise. Each title could also easily serve as a way to show just how much better a game from every year in Xbox's existence could become. This series has spread with titles across all the platforms and to play them however you'd like on the consoles going forward would be great for choice. It would be best to see them all look as great as they possibly could while demonstrating say an Original Xbox game enhanced from 2001 or 2004. Say how a game from 2007, 2010 or even 2012 might look with an increase. The Halo games mark the key years and could show a clear level of change for games from each era.

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