Anarcute Review

"Cutest Riot Ever!"


Anarcute is literally the cutest riot ever as it's a game where you control a mob of adorable animals attempting to liberate each other from their oppressors. It's game that I've actually waited quite awhile for as I thought it had great potential in its original announcement video a couple years ago and it definitely exceeded expectations.

The campaign stretches along a number of chapters and while it might seem like its easy coasting at the start the game does aim to provide a good challenge as you continue to progress in the later worlds. Each world takes place on a different part of the world so there's a variety of locations and new enemies no matter what part of the game you reach.

It also greatly increases in challenge as you need to be very strategic when it comes towards the end. I don't want it sounding as though you'll get angry at which is not the case, just that you might need to try some later levels a couple times.

The majority of the levels did carry the same core concept of building a mob to riot with and tackling a number of objectives found on the map to liberate the area.

There was however some great variation for levels and it was nice to see throughout its entirety that there was some new ways to go about levels that came up. These included a dark variation or even heading out there on a solo mission.

I also liked that you weren't forced to play every level as there was some availability for choice when moving through the area, but if you want all the animal unlocks you'll need to check all the levels out which is worth it here. The game also does feature some boss fight areas and these were well done finding a balance of creativity mixed with decent difficulty.


Being a game that focuses on mob rioting you control a mob which features a selection of animals from which you can choose and unlock more. Aside from just moving around as this big blob of people you can pick up items to throw or shoot at enemies and also take advantage of extra abilities.

These are unlocked by spending coins you earn on each level in a vending machine that has great choices like making the cops come to your side with love. It also looks adorable with a smiling group of characters destroying robots or robotic cop folks on their way to liberate the people.

The art style is also lovely being soft with tones yet grand in destruction including some destructible buildings. This brings a huge advantage as you knock down buildings on unexpecting enemies though you'll need a fair size mob to do so.
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The Conclusion

Anarcute was well worth the wait being an exciting and challenging riot simulator. It's adorable and never takes itself too seriously so it still feels like a light hearted title.

The campaign features a solid playthrough length with alternate levels and replayability available as well. They've also included some secrets as well when you're playing the adventure is really great in the last area featured as it got even wilder.

It was definitely quite something to get just a massive mod and trampling any enemy or building that happens to get in the way. The entire thing works well while providing a solid amount of gameplay and a decent challenge that actually mixed things up in a positive way.

Anarcute Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner