Anthem Tips & Tricks

The large scale social focused experience titled Anthem delivers fast paced flying combat with lots of wild explosions. It can be quite a lot to take in when you first start out. With that, here are some general and perhaps specific tips and tricks that will assist your goal to be the best out there in the wilderness. They're all in short form and also presented in the video below.

#1. Flying is everything in Anthem, get used to it. There's an overheating element, this burn out is reduced when you're flying in a downwards angle or if you're in a cooled area. Waterfalls and certain "cooled" areas will allow unlimited flight. Look at the left hand middle of the screen for an indicator of this.

#2. While airborne you can tap in the right stick (or platform equivalent) to go into a hovering combative stance. This makes it easier to shoot enemies while flying around.

#3. During combat it's best to reach an elevated location as enemies are less likely to shoot at you, in tight caves try to keep moving as enemy fire will be heavily concentrated. Definitely best to never stand still in this one.

#4. Your map is incredibly detailed, it shows the direction and movement of allies. It also creates a streak of where you started from to where you've been. You can see all the weird twists and turns that you took to get to your destination. This is helpful in case you get lost.

#5. You can skip the animation of entering your Javelin by pressing "B" (or platform equivalent). Make sure you've selected your mission prior as it can be awkward to switch it once in the launch area.

#6. Scrap anything you won't use right after the completion of a mission, you don't want lots of junk piled up to get rid of later as you're locked to so much storage. The scrap will allow you to craft better weapons or items for your Javelin.

#7. Talk to everyone you can in the general hub area as they may have quests, information or activities for you to do in the game.

#8. When in heavy combat, try your best to move towards weaker enemies. Best to not melee unless they're at about 40% or less health. Your shields and health will be hurt during heavier combat so by being near the weaker ones you can get fast kills. These kills will in turn drop small objects that can increase armor. I also suggest for shielded enemies to fire, double jump over and then fire at their back. Weak areas are highlighted when shot at.

#9. When moving around in the world during periods of time where you can't fly, it's best to double jump and then burst forward to move quickly. Doing so will also lessen your chances of getting hit.

#10. There are little plants, or objects on the ground throughout any regular mission and freeplay adventure. These are quick to burst and will grant you essential crafting materials for later use.

I hope these Anthem tips and tricks are helpful and that you have some new techniques for taking on the world. You can read about the game below, or check out the hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner