Apex Legends Tips & Tricks

The free to play battle royale Titanfall spin-off titled Apex Legends delivers strategic cooperative play. It can be a tough game to jump into however as so many have worked to become skilled at it. With that, here are some general and perhaps specific tips and tricks that will assist your goal to be the last surviving team out there. They're all in short form and also presented in the video below.

#1. While this is similar to the Titanfall franchise in terms of movement, you cannot wall run or boost double jump. Movement in this game is focused on sliding. Start running, hit the slide button and then after a second or two tap it again to continue running. It'll keep momentum going. Also, sliding down a hill increases speed.

#2. When teammates get killed, you can pick-up both of their tags at the same time and respawn them at the same time.

#3. While there's no boost, you can still get a bit of an extra jump when trying to climb onto something you might consider too elevated.

#4. When in close range use shotguns as they are absolutely deadly, it's best to keep a medium range weapon on hand as most combat takes place in close to medium distances.

#5. You can kick open doors, then kick them again to destroy them. It's maybe not too helpful, but it's really cool to do.

#6. There's no fall damage, jump from anywhere as you please

#7. At the start you'll see a small ship on the map, dropping onto those will give your team a lot of good loot really fast.

#8. When dropping in, it's best to split from your group just before hitting the ground to reach a space with better loot more quickly.

#9. Everything in the game can be pinged to let your teammates know what's up. Use it to highlight weapons, but constantly click on enemies to keep updating their movement. You can also do this while downed.

#10. Since the game features futuristic weapons, try them before getting into a fire fight. Just so you know how they shoot, some may be burst and that could cause your death if you're not aware of it.

I hope these Apex Legends tips and tricks are helpful and that you have some new techniques for taking on enemies. You can read our review of the game below, or check out the hub for additional coverage.

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