Axis Football 2018 Review

"Alright Football"


Axis Football 2018 is actually a satisfactory take on the sport, simulating it at the core. It's come a long way since the last time I played the franchise and I'm impressed. It's also made the transition to console and does so quite well. I feel that in time, this will continue to grow and become more polished which is great. The sports industry for games needs more competition.

This game is a non-licensed title in regards to having support of the NFL. This presents created teams, but that's fine as its fun and represents the full selection of North America. There's a full season option with a variety of ways to experience that, aside from just playing regularly. You can engage in exhibition, alone against the AI or with another in local multiplayer. The game has a wealth of customization options for tweaking the look of everything and that was appreciated.


The visuals of Axis Football 2018 were alright, I was rather disappointed by the performance however. Even on the premium console, it was having some issues. At the core, it runs quite well and the plays are natural in comparison to regular Football. The players handle alright, but there's a lot to be desired for control and play. The commentary comes across as fine, varied and it works for what's going on.

This was a huge issue I had with an earlier iteration. I wish the movements felt more realistic in the game and it could be a smoother time. There are some variations within the arenas though they still feel simplistic. It comes across as very basic, with that aspect it should run well. It is the skeleton of a Football title, with lots of promise if they continue to work on polishing it going into the future.
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The Conclusion

Axis Football 2018 delivers a core simulation of the sport, but it still needs polish and improvement to become a solid experience. I wish that it handled better and that there was more control for how plays would turn out. There were issues with the performance and the world did not look great.

The player models were decent, still leave something to be desired. The commentary was fine, they provide the base of a good sports simulation. There's a career mode to play seasons and options for local exhibition. With what they're aiming to compete with it doesn't quite hit the mark. It has the potential though, this is miles better than what I had played in the past.

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Axis Football 2018 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner