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In Battlefield V there's actually quite a focus on the new fortifications system. What this does is allow you to build strategic barricades or basically tools to help position combat. This is quite helpful during Conquest and the example used here. When you're playing, at any time you can click down on the D-Pad and this will pull up a hammer that is used for building.

From there you need to just find glowing objects that appear as you have that very hammer out. This is done by holding RT or right trigger for full. You'll most commonly find these buildable fortification sites around positions. They act as a way to divert combat, or at least generally make it easier to battle by providing some extra cover.

You can use these to block street pathways so vehicles can't go through or in alley ways to prevent easy access to the enemy. I find the ones that block up alley ways and generally divide bridges with giant metal spikes to be the most effective. The choice is up to you however, there are sandbag areas to create or even trench cover to dig out. There are a wide range of options and it's best to explore within the various maps to find just what you can do.

There's also an Achievement/Trophy for fixing ten within a round/match called "Combat Engineer". This is easy to get and should just take a minute or so, as fortifications only take a second and a bit to get up. They can be damaged as you're building them which is an interesting mechanic and situation. Hopefully this helps your survival out there, they're definitely helpful and worth trying out. This was the Battlefield V fortifications guide on consoles.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner