BC Prehistoric Xbox Original Game

As time goes on people often forget about old games, especially those that were shown at times that sadly never got released. Many games get cancelled or just fade away over time and this youtube channel called PtoPOnline attempts to preserve them by collecting rare copies of games and occasionally showing gameplay of these games from whatever beta or alpha versions he can come across.

The latest game that appears on this list is called BC, which would have been a Xbox Original game about prehistoric life. You would have played as this caveman in a third person view that attempts to guide his tribe through life. This title was shown across a couple E3s during the early 2000's though it never did release and looks to have been forgotten. I'm always personally fascinated by what could have been and this game looks rather promising.

Aside from being a unique concept during the time it also looks rather polished and vast in scope. Please consider when complaining about that comment, this is a game meant to be released on the original Xbox so it looks comparative to what would have released then.

This was a Lionhead Game which was to be headed by their satellite studio Intrepid with Peter Molyneux displaying this game behind closed doors at the early 2000's E3 events for a couple years. Very little information of this title actually exists at this point with few articles and a couple awful video clips. Though lucky for us it seems that PtoPOnline has gotten their hands on a good build of the game to create some higher quality video, which can be found below.

Assuming you viewed some of the video or skipped through it I thought it might be good to sum it up or at least discuss some of the points in the video. Playing as a caveman you would have basically assisted your tribe in survival. This would have included things like training the people, building a society and collecting resources to live.

People and creatures could die, with extinction being an option at once point in an earlier build apparently. This would have seen certain creatures being killed off by your actions. The later build removed this and moved towards a, it would just affect their migration cycles or such like that. The gameplay itself seems to run quite smooth with massive areas to play through. It also seems quite well detailed for a game of the time and the scope would have been very ambitious.

Actually am very surprised that this one just disappeared, am intrigued of what exactly happened to the game in terms of development. After being shown off at E3 a few times and even having this much content to it, certainly odd that it would just disappear. Even weirder is that there really never was any media complaining of where this went or what happened.

BC Prehistoric Xbox Original Game

We looked at the actual caveman aspects, let's talk creatures. From the gameplay it seems that there would have been many vicious dinosaurs and creatures of the like to deal with. It was crazy seeing the gameplay where a whole tribe of caveman was taking on a T-Rex to then see it just basically chop someone in gory detail.

The dinos were also large in scale which made sense in the massive valley like area you lived in and terrifying I imagine. The creatures also varied with some being capable of flight and others just showing up during certain times of the day. With that being said, I feel I have a fairly decent summary of what this game was based around.

There are of course many more details to look so I encourage you to watch the video and follow this Youtube channel as I'm sure mode videos will follow. Personally, it be great to try this game though I doubt this version will be available to the public ever.

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