Biomutant Preview

Biomutant seems like a really promising game, I was able to get some hands-on time with the it and really enjoyed what I played. The general narrative follows this small furry creature that's trying to survive in an apocalyptic world using a selection of swords, guns and other items. It's got a focus on rpg play while offering an open world experience across a vibrant world. It's really quite lovely and the array of colors just pop in this game.

I personally didn't get to experience the open world aspect as the demo was focused on showcasing combat, enemies and the linear start of the game. It apparently opens up quite a bit after what I played, but have no idea on the scale of this game yet. The gameplay I experienced took place in tight linear areas filled with a number of enemies to blast and hack through. It felt like a typical action title and it worked well since this creature has some smooth moves.
Biomutant open world Screenshots
Things started with a character customizer of which you can fine tune many aspects of your creature and I loved this. With the bright palette of colors I went for more of a green red look to the fur and it was cool. This matched well within the world as it looked really great having the aesthetic of a forgotten world with overgrown plant life. Other adjustments to the character included some body morphing, choice of gender and even fur tweaks to get that right bit of fuzz. It's an impressive sort of tweaking system that was easy to use and allowed complete control over my character.

I enjoyed the gunplay finding it to be a smooth mix with the sword combat. I consider it to be almost similar to the Deadpool game from a couple years back with that mix sword and gun combat. It felt right, the amount of customization was fantastic and there seems to be a lot of potential within Biomutant. I'm very interested in learn more about the world not only for its narrative, but also what activities one can take part in within it. I really only got a small taste of the full title, but it left me looking forward to more. Biomutant is set to launch in 2018 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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