Bioshock Infinite Nintendo Switch Preview

June 9, 2020 at 10:18pm
By Jason Stettner

What I consider to be one of the best games ever created has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s actually really running well. With ports on the platform you’re never quite sure how things are going to go.

It could either be an awful time, or a genuinely impressive feat. With this release you get a perfectly smooth offering, with some excellent visuals. That being said, you don’t get the high fluidity, but that’s a trade off of getting something that’s so well balanced like this general Bioshock: The Collection package is.

That aside, I am focusing on just Infinite here. So this is definitely the game of the package you’ll want own. If you’re only jumping onto one, I suggest this title. I mention this, since you can buy each of the titles separately if you so choose.

I’ll dive into narrative elements, but do so spoiler free for those that haven’t yet experienced this incredible journey. The story follows Booker, he’s on a mission to find a girl in order to wipe a debt. He’s sent to Columbia, a heavenly city in the clouds. It’s a wondrous landscape, at least when you first arrive there.

The further you explore, the more your perspective on this area shifts and the more you understand about the girl you’ve come to meet. I’m trying to keep things spoiler free for those that might have never played it on this platform and being vague here, but she’s great.

One of the best NPC characters I’ve seen, actually being a helpful assist during gameplay. She’s also integral to the plot, as this is very much a narrative driven journey. It provides some intense moments, and you’ll likely spend time searching online to fully understand what you had actually witnessed.
Bioshock Infinite Nintendo Switch
Past that, this also includes all of the DLC that released. That includes some story content that really does tie everything together, within a fresh and entirely unique setting as well. I’d say that you should definitely check out that DLC after playing this game, it’s very much an essential accompanying addition. Anyways, the game runs very well on the Nintendo Switch and it looks incredibly clear.

I was shocked viewing this on a 4k resolution TV, as it looked really good. It didn’t have too many rough edges, and ran well. I will note that reflections in mirrors or within the water was bad, but a rare sight to run into. I’ll also make a mention that this doesn’t support gyro, since I know that’s a feature that many seem to desire for this platform for whatever reason.

In general, I was very pleased with this port of the game. It looks fantastic, and runs well for the target 30 FPS it aims for. This is a great way to play this game, at home or on the go. I think it’s really neat that you can play this anywhere at any given time.

It’s a great to time to give this series a whirl, and while the others are excellent too. I really think this is just one of those perfect games that you just don’t forget playing. You can read our review of The Outer Worlds on the console below, or check out the general hub for more coverage of this series.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner