Black Desert: Fishing Guide

Black Desert fishing guide to assist you in learning how to become a grand master at fishing which is a very lucrative aspect of the game. Fishing itself isn't too terribly difficult to get into, but for new players it may be hard to get an idea of how to even begin in the game.

The first step to fishing is to buy a fishing rod which you can grab for 500 silver at many dock or harbor locations like the one I've placed below on the map. These docks are quite crowded with the many players in the game so you'll need to move through them and talk to the fishing trader individual.

These are mostly Otter people and are just your generic short merchant in the game. From there you need to find a body of water and any will do as long as it's deep enough to fish in. You're going to want to find one that's less cluttered with people as fishing will be quicker and the quality of fish will improve as well.
Black Desert: Fishing Guide
Now's for the fun part, as shown in the image below you'll want to position yourself on the edge of the water. Pull out your fishing rod by replacing your sword with it and give the rod a swing. This is easily down with a click, but you can hold down the button to build strength which will increase the distance your line gets shot out into the body of water.

You must then wait for a quite a bit which is just under a minute (faster if you use bait) and then this fish icon will appear above the character. From here you press the "space" button and a mini game will begin, it's a small bar so make sure to watch for it. The goal is to get the progress in the bar into the good right half, you'll get a couple progression movements across so be patient and do so on the second go across.

I suggest clicking when it looks like the progress is halfway as it moves. Your strongest ally is patience when it comes to fishing and you may have troubles at the start, but eventually it comes easier. After getting a perfect catch the fish will appear in a side bar and press "R" to move it into the inventory. If you need anymore additional help check out the video below or leave a comment question.
Black Desert: Fishing Guide

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner