Black Desert Xbox One Classes Guide

The Black Desert Xbox One classes at launch feature six different options to play as. Once selected, you’re given a plethora of editing choices to tweak your custom character to look, and play however you’d like them to. You can read details on each of the classes available below.

-Main Weapon: Longsword | Sub-Weapon: Shield | MP Consumption: WP

-Main Weapon: Bow | Sub-Weapon: Dagger | MP Consumption: EP

Black Desert Xbox One characters

-Main Weapon: Amulet | Sub-Weapon: Talisman | MP Consumption: MP

-Main Weapon: Axe | Sub-Weapon: Ornamental Knot | MP Consumption: WP

-Main Weapon: Staff | Sub-Weapon: Dagger | MP Consumption: MP

-Main Weapon: Staff | Sub-Weapon: Dagger | MP Consumption: MP

You can read detail’s on the game’s enhancements for the console below, or check out the hub for additional coverage of the release.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner