Black Desert Xbox One Dying Guide

In Black Desert Xbox One you can really customize your weapons, costumes or other accessories just like you did with the regular character. This is done through the dying system which will allow you to die clothing as an example. This is accessed by using LT + Up on the D-Pad, then Left for Dyes. From there you select what you’d like to dye whether it’s your favorite chest plate, or say a horse item and then move forward. It’ll open up a series of circles, you can click each of these to then adjust the color options for this particular item.

Once complete, choose to die the item and it’ll change to whatever weird colors you’ve picked. It’s available for many unique choices in regards to what you’d like to die. There’s even a live preview so you can see just how wacky your sword will be in a bright pink. Note that some color options are restricted to having various packs or in-game features. You can read the game’s review on the console below, or check out the hub for additional coverage of the release.

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