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In Black Desert Xbox One you might be wondering about what exactly a “Value Pack” contains. These are special bonus extras that might be applied when you purchase a certain version of the game, or choose to buy after purchase. They grant helpful additions for your family of characters. They’re a temporary buff that effect all of your characters. You gain the following bonuses.

Inventory Expansion 16 slots
Storage Expansion 16 slots
Combat/Skill/Life/Horse EXP +10%
Distant Node Investment (Consumes 10 Energy)
Max Weight Limit +100LT
30% bonus to the Marketplace sales collection amount
Unlimited use of the Merv's Palette
Unlimited Beauty Salon

These can be bought through Pearls, Loyalties, or won in an event. The purchase options you went through might have also granted you access to a certain level of them. Minimum effects follow.

1500 Pearls: Value Pack (30 days)
1400 Loyalties: Value Pack (1 day)
Traveler’s Package: 1x Value Pack (30 days), 5x Elion's Blessing, 10x Bleach
Explorer’s Package: 2x Value Pack (30 days), 10x Elion's Blessing, 20x Bleach
Conqueror’s Package (pre-order only): 3x Value Pack (30 days), 15x Elion's Blessing, 30x Bleach

These items will show-up within your mail box and are activated there. You can read our review of the Xbox One Black Desert version below, or check out the hub for additional coverage of the release.

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