Bleeding Edge Tips & Tricks

April 4, 2020 at 3:15am
By Jason Stettner

It can be difficult to get into Bleeding Edge, as there is a cooperative focus to it. That’s right, it takes teamwork to be effective and some smaller strategies to help improve your team’s ability to turn the tide. It takes every member working cohesively to do damage, and just the right combination of individual efforts in order to truly be successful in this one.

Hopefully this selection of little tips can help you be more effective out there while playing the game and battling for the win whether you’re collecting base plates or capturing energy capsules. This should apply well to Xbox One or Windows 10 PC players in the game.

The Bleeding Edge Tips & Tricks List
#1 Stay with your team, seriously. This will make a huge difference, if someone hasn’t respawned yet wait a few seconds for them to return before moving forward. Squad up, and stay alive longer.

#2 Fill your character’s niche properly. If you’re a healer sit back and provide health to the team. If you’re someone that shoots, find an elevated spot. If you’re a tank take out enemies while protecting your healer in order to keep on battling.

#3 On some maps, vents will have gas exhaust, sitting in this will make you invisible.

#4 Sometimes it’s worth it when chasing someone to pause, and then take out your hoverboard in order to chase them down. Just keep in mind that it takes a second to get that rolling, and getting shot will prevent you from activating it.

#5 You can run back into your spawn in order to heal up faster, note that objectives will be dropped when you enter them. This is helpful for spawn trapped moments, or if you’re fast on the escape.

#6 The game does have options for quick chatting to teammates. Hold down on the D-Pad for quick selections. You can also click “back” and then click in the left stick to add text chat for your teammates.

Bleeding Edge Tips
#7 Trains are deadly, watch out for them. Small trains will take half your health, big ones will kill you instantly. You can jump on them to move around the map faster, and they’ll honk prior to smashing into you.

#8 Use your mini map, it shows teammates and enemies on it. It also shows when objectives will activate and the UI will present a timer as well. Speaking of the UI, it also shows the health of players in the lobby.

#9 Watch for the emotive signs, when ailed by a problem you’ll see an icon or visual showcase on your player. You’ll also see that on teammates, or enemies as well since the game is very icon based.

#10 You cannot go through energy barriers, they will kill you. Instead walk around, or hop over it.

#11 Standing in a circle while the enemy tries to capture prevents them from doing so, shooting an enemy while they’re trying to capture a power cell prevents them from doing so.

#12 It’s easy to change your character as soon as you die, or whenever you’re in your spawn area.

#13 Dodging is essential to get away from enemy attacks, or enemies themselves. It can also get you back up instantly if you've been knocked down.

There’s the list of multiplayer tips and tricks in the game, I hope you found this helpful as a resource. You can read our review of Bleeding Edge below, or check out the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner