Block Craft 3D Review

"Just Building"


January 18, 2020 at 5:36pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a block based building game, that’s a free to play title. It focuses on the creative side of this type of experience, with a direct inspiration being taken from Minecraft. Being a free title it focuses on monetization through various features.

If you want to be able to fly, you’ll have to pay for that and to unlock certain things you’ll need to get gems. The gems can be earned slowly, through watching ad videos or by direct purchase. In general, the game has you building pre-made structures. You can go out to build other things, but you’ll need blocks to do so which are limited. It’s less about creation, and more about just auto-building structures.

If you want something light, that’s like Minecraft then this does fit into that niche. There’s not a lot of depth here, but there are some neat elements. You can build your own village to share, or join other villages to see what they’ve been doing. You could have produce structures for the community to use.


You’re largely just walking around, and tapping on pre-made structures to place blocks. You can quick build using the gems, and you’ll use coins in order to use some structures in order to level up to build other things. It’s incredibly light in what you’re doing, but it does run well.

That is in terms of performance, and visually it is aesthetically pleasing. Aside from blocks, there are some animals which follow the same gem/coin system for usage. It’s easy to move around, but there’s not a whole lot to do gameplay wise. It’s a very hand-held type of setup. You can also customize a character.
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The Conclusion

Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free is a very light, free to play title that monetizes many elements of the experience. This is expected since it’s free, but there’s also not really anything to this game.

It is more about creative building, but using templates and it holds your hand the entire way through. There’s no real substance to this, and it feels like a poorly crafted smaller part of what Minecraft is. This does some unique things, but I don’t really get the point of this one or even the value of it.

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Block Craft 3D Review on Android

Rating Overall: 4.3

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner