BQM - BlockQuest Maker Review

"Quite a Dungeon Builder"


April 12, 2020 at 3:47am
By Jason Stettner

This is actually a rather interesting sort of game. In it, you’re able to either create whatever sort of dungeon you want or to play in any number of created maps. It’s a clear split between the two, with some extras. There’s also a challenge mode for some additional content, and a fun little digging option to obtain gold.

You use gold in this to either play new levels, or to unlock additional items. You’ll earn gold by using the digging mechanic, taking on challenges or when others go to play your levels. It’s an interesting online ecosystem, and one that can provide countless hours of gameplay. If this is your sort of experience, it can feel almost limitless.

To get started there are easier going dungeons, but right from the start you can jump into online options. Alternatively, you can just build maps if that’s your sort of thing. This aspect was fairly easy going, and intuitive for building whatever sort of little creation you’d like to have. There’s not necessarily a whole lot to go over, as the game itself is based on the content that’s created by players with a small backbone to get you started.


The controls are very simple, as is the movement. It’s all cube based, with some interesting little aspects that mix it up. You can fire away arrows, use a fire stick or even blast off a bomb. Keys are a part of this, as are switches and other little triggering aspects. The maps can be fairly large, and crafted however you’d like.

They can have dynamic layers to them, and can be expanded upon in interesting ways. There are monsters, traps and other little secrets to include. Add danger, or provide an easy going time. As you get coins you can access additional maps, leave tips for the creators or even buy extra items to use on your own creations.

There’s a great selection of items to use, and hopefully it’s expanded upon in the future as this palette is begging for even more. There’s a good offering here for content, and as I scrolled through the many map options to try a number of them it always seemed to be a fresh time for sure.
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The Conclusion

BlockQuest Maker was a surprisingly intuitive, and easy going experience whether you’re interested in creation or just playing dungeons. It’s simplistic to get into, with some nice layers of complexity to it. It’s got a charming style to it, with some interesting cube based aesthetics that work quite well. I enjoyed the visuals, finding it to be a classic sort of dungeon drawling experience.

It was easy to learn whether I wanted to build something, or just to get in there and start playing. It’s got tons of maps, and content to explore. This number also continues to grow as players check it out with their own unique creations. The potential for this going forward seems limitless and it’s a fascinating sort of ecosystem with a currency setup that does definitely work well for it.

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BQM - BlockQuest Maker Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.7

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner