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"Colorful Brawler"


Brawlout is a platform based brawler that focuses on colorful backdrops, funky characters and a whole lot of punching. It's a simple game in terms of what the core goal is and the gametypes present. You're able to battle it out locally or online with a number of modes. It doesn't really bring anything else aside from that, but does have a good core combative segment setup.

You can select a number of options for how many fighters are present and just go at it. There are choices in the multiplayer for competitive or more casual play and it's very accessible to use however you'd like. That aside, it would have been better to see some switch-ups or something different as this type of game has been done before.


I was very impressed with the visuals, it shines on Xbox One X being enhanced. It looks clean, colorful and the vibrancy is well balanced. The sets are straight forward yet every single one looks distinct. They also each offer something different in terms of how they play and it kept you guessing on what might happen upon your first play of them.

The character selection if wacky, fun and varied. There are some great guests and multiple color types to choose from. The combat feels good, but there isn't a lot of depth there. You can pull off some special moves, yet it comes across as basic and then in turn is just a smash fest. I was hoping for a bit more strategy, although the moves AI pull off to keep in the level can be wild.
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The Conclusion

Brawlout is a solid brawling title with gorgeous environments, wacky characters and combat that generally feels just alright. I was wanting something different in terms of the combat as it really does feel like just a straight up smash and hope for the best situation. There's not as much strategy as there could have been and I felt this detracted from an otherwise excellent presentation.

The levels really are great, characters are well designed and I thought the guest choices were excellent. I don't however want to put the guests above the regular new characters as those too, are well designed. Brawlout is alright, it has some decent modes and many ways to play them. Mostly was looking for something different as this package feels familiar.

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Brawlout Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner