Bungie Leaving Activision Won't Change Destiny 2

I was rather surprised at the news of Bungie leaving Activision, and even more so the amount of people that cheered Bungie for it. Not being negative, just stating that it was an odd day. It's great and all that they left, but folks must realize that many of the decisions in the franchise that people don't like were handled by Bungie. It's not just Activision that had a say in choices, that aside it should be interesting to see what's done with the franchise heading forward. This is where I get to the point that this split won't change Destiny 2, or any additional content that's releasing for it.

At this point in the development the general experience is set and plans for what's going to come are most likely decided upon. Systems have been tuned and it's just sailing from this point for what they have planned. Development of games works in cycles and for this middle entry, we're on a set course for what's going to happen. We might also have a Destiny 3 in development at the current time and that could be in a similar situation. Keep in mind that the development of titles takes many years, especially for full releases.
Destiny 2 Forsaken
There's a chance it could be somewhat altered further, or delayed for additional changes. What those adjustments might be, I'm not too sure as many seem to be celebrating this shift like it's going to completely change their experience going forward. I'm mostly trying to make note of what's likely to happen in the future as there may be a number of individuals that aren't familiar with how the industry typically runs. Basically, keep expectations to a minimum.

It's not something that changes on a dime, it takes years for games to be built and for things to be tweaked. Even if they are able to rush things, it still takes months to do or you get minor quick patches like we've seen recently for titles that aren't hitting well, Star Wars Battlefront II being an example of that particular situation. Awkward adjustments. For this whole change-up; I'm not sure we'll really see anything that's pure Bungie in terms of content releasing until post-Destiny 3 launch, going off the assumption there will be another title which makes complete sense. This would mainly be updates and the first year minor DLC releases and of course that tent pole big expansion traditionally release.
Destiny 2 Forsaken
We don't know for sure how things will go, I'm mostly curious to see more details release on the reasons for the change-up as that should be interesting. personally, the whole situation has been rather funny from the start. They want to be free, leave Microsoft to only immediately sign up with Activision. It would be hilarious if they ended up at Microsoft again, you never know.

There's also a worrying thing that some fans may want to consider, just generally what sort of investment they received in order to be able to split and how that company may adjust the course of the Destiny franchise. They will probably need additional investments going forward, or another publisher. Anyways, you can read our review of the the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion below or view the franchise hub for additional coverage.

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