Calgary Expo 2017: Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Event

At the Calgary Expo fans were able to attend a special event of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, which is a podcast the two run. The event was a live recording and rather exciting, we were lucky to get a ticket to have someone from the site attend. With that, we have a brief summary of the event with some highlights of the discussion and details on future projects.

Things started off with some personal discussions between the two and interactions with the crowd to a degree. One of the interesting mentions was when Kevin Smith got married in secret at the Skywalker Ranch.

For those that don't know the place, it's somewhat of a big deal and where a lot of work is done on various Star Wars properties. This was apparently quite covered up while working on Dogma and when George Lucas was told he didn't particularly mind. This was one of the more casual stories and then they got into teasing details about new projects.

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Calgary Expo 2017
Smith and Mews are working on a second Jay and Silent Bob movie. This next one will be aimed at making fun of rebooted films where the two characters head to Hollywood. Their goal there is to stop a reboot of Bluntman and Chronic at any cost with a constant mockery towards the noted format that's popular these days.

They also treated the viewers to a bit of a read from the script and noted that they plan to film late summer or early fall 2017. Jason Lee is set to play Brodie and there is a confirmed cameo from the legendary Stan Lee. It's actually crazy how many cameos Stan Lee has been doing in recent years and there's always a good laugh to be had when he shows up.

Things then calmed down towards the ending with the goal of the podcast being revealed to keep Mews be sober who is currently 6 years, nine months and 27 days at the point of the event. The final big mention was that Kevin Smith wrote a Plasticman script with someone uber famous being attached to it and that's currently being shown around at studios. A special thanks for Ken Appleby for attending this event, taking notes and for collecting some excellent photos.

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Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Calgary Expo 2017

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