Calgary Expo 2018 Coverage

We were once again fortunate to cover the Calgary Expo 2018 which presents a number of events throughout a weekend. It's a fairly big deal and the largest of its kind within the city. While there we had an expanded team which was excellent and we were able to cover more panels with that. It was also nice to have a squad to cover it, makes things easier and presents less work. While there we also grabbed some cosplay photos from those we ran across and those are split across the various days.

We missed the first day however and this was due to a number of factors. I was personally just arriving from a Shadow of the Tomb Raider event in Montreal, so I only came in mid-Friday. The next day was insanely busy at the show, probably the most packed I've ever seen it. Then we ended things on a rainy note for Sunday, it was quite something. Despite that, I felt we did cover some great things and presented those in a number of articles. You can check out a video of some content below, the first minute is all new whereas the latter part is recycled content.

I felt generally that they had some really neat events going throughout. I wasn't a huge fan of the new layout however, felt it was harder to get around places as so many doors were one way options. We started our panel coverage on the Saturday with Jeff Goldblum, Emma Dumont and Jennifer Morrison. The Sunday was special with Elijah Wood, Wil Wheaton and Lou Ferrigno. We have compiled panel details for everyone so you can see some highlights. There weren't too many wild juicy bits revealed, yet some really interesting things here or there.

It was mostly fascinating to learn new things about the guests. We weren't able to get any interviews, but I suppose that happens at times. We'll have some great interviews in the week after the event anyways. With that, that's essentially the expo for this year. Cosplay wise I thought there was some great stuff, suppose I'll highlight a couple.

The Bioshock duo were fun, the Bob Ross Deadpool was very creative. I absolutely loved the Mysterio, the Aloy pairing were great and it's nice to see a family enjoy that game. Hopefully we'll once again be able to cover it next year with the team. I'd like to leave a last line thank you to Ken Appleby for providing the photography over the weekend. He really captures the cosplay beautifully and I feel that it's well appreciated.

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Jeff Goldblum Calgary Expo 2018
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