Calgary Expo 2018 Elijah Wood Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 there was an excellent Elijah Wood panel where he discussed recent projects among other details. First off we'd like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the photography at the event capturing this distinct look shown below. While on stage Elijah presented some interesting facts about more recent projects and even cleared up some details on older ones. I thought it was best to start with Dirk Gently and that it will not be getting a third season as it has been cancelled.

He does however hope fans give enough of a crap to go out there and ask for it or even kickstart another season. That aside, he gave some thoughts on the series. Firstly, that Easter Eggs were woven throughout its entirety. The second aspect being that Amanda and The Rowdy 3 would have had bigger roles in season three if that did happen. Another small mention was to Sin City where all of his scenes with Micky Rooke had been done with a stunt double. He never interacted with him, actually most of the scenes were a stunt double in that film.
Elijah Wood Calgary Expo 2018
When it comes to his mighty and classic role as Frodo, he debunked a rumor. This was that Ian McKellen and Elijah Wood weren't in scenes together, this was false. He also mentioned that the ending of "Fellowship" was rewritten; was Frodo downing, Sam saves him to opposite. They had to use weather cover as their set was washed away due to flooding. When it comes to some scenes, they were filmed one at a time. This was due to the fact that Andy Serkis wasn’t in London yet to play Gollum. They didn't film the rest of that scenes until far later in the year. He also didn't believe that Boromir was ever bad, just corrupted by the powerful Ring.

Onto more fun things, his favorite current show is Grand design. He enjoys video games noting God of War and Far Cry 5 which are recent releases. At times, he'll DJ and when the Beasty Boyz approached him he just needed to read the treatment before jumping in. Elijah will also apparently never revisit his films, only Lord of the Rings. Not for his performance, but that viewing it is part of the cinematic experience. That covers everything, if you'd like to read about more panels or see some cosplay from Calgary Expo 2018 check out our hub area below.

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