Calgary Expo 2018 Emma Dumont Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 there was an Emma Dumont panel off the beaten path where she went over various details of what's going on in her life. To start, I'd once again like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the great photography. Emma came out strong debuting with a rap song about The Gifted, something I'm not sure anyone could have saw coming. After the musical presentation she went over some life details including that she studied Russian ballet since three.

Among her many talents she noted that The Gifted Season 2 will begin filming in a couple weeks at the Atlanta Marvel lot. She didn't know anything about the situation when she signed on and had to do quite a bit of research to understand the role. Polaris (her character) was introduced in 1969, a second female daughter to Magneto. The show itself takes place during The Days of Future Past and the original timeline from the first proper live action movies. Emma Dumont Calgary Expo 2018
Continuing on with the show, her personal favorite characters are Polaris; Thunderbird and Blink. Her favorites from the comics are Ricochet and Magneto. Cross-over wise, Emma would like to see one with Legion or House of M. An interesting aspect of The Gifted she wanted to mention was that practical effects are preferred over CGI elements. She also thought the idea of a flashback surrounding her parents would be great as this would reflect her feeling lost coming into the second season.

This might have to do with how she resents her father in the series. The hardest scene she had to shoot was during the one from the trailer that takes place within an airtight area. A final note is that she thought it would be great if Ian McKellen's could come on the show so that they'd be able to explore the father/daughter dynamic. That about sums everything up, we have additional panel and other coverage from the show in our hub.

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