Calgary Expo 2018 Jeff Goldblum Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 there was a brief Jeff Goldblum panel where he discussed recent projects among other details. He was suffering from a bit of a cold which was disrupting his naturally charismatic tone.

First off we'd like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the photography at the event capturing some enchanting shots of the magical man. As he entered the initial discussion was centered on his many upcoming projects.

To start he went over the aspect of him providing voice for Jurassic World: Evolution which is the upcoming theme park type game. It'll allow players to build their own special park and manage the many dinosaurs within it. Things might go wrong, but it's a thrilling journey with the dinos. The game is aiming to have a number of iconic characters to capture the essence of the film series. Jeff Goldblum Calgary Expo 2018
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which he appears in was shot in London and will obviously be arriving in the near future after the event. No details were given on how much he will appear, just that he'll be there. To continue on movie projects he played Duke in Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs", a stop motion adventure. This was a tale of a boy looking for his cast away noble guard dog. He'll also be appearing in 2018 upcoming films titled "Hotel Artemis" and "The Mountain". This is definitely becoming a very Goldblum era.

On the show side of things he'll be providing a voiceover for a National Geographic presentation which is about to be shot. When it comes to rather unique elements of his life, the man plays Piano every Wednesday in Log Angeles at the Rockwell. His band is actually interestingly putting together a CD in the near future.

He mentioned a desire for variety which is why he's constantly trying new mediums and constantly doing fresh things. This is his first time in the city, but he has a connection to Canada since his wife is from the country. She's actually an Olympic Medaling Gymnast that represented the country, the two have kids and she was a double for Emma Stone during La La Land. That essentially covers the brief, yet excellent panel. Well, aside from some live tweet reading which was entertaining.

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