Calgary Expo 2018 Jennifer Morrison Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 Jennifer Morrison had a panel going over Once Upon a Time and other interesting details. Prior to starting we'd like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the photography. This is Jennifer's first Calgary Expo, her favorite color is red with yellow being a close second due to the happiness factor it has associated with it.

The big thing discussed at the panel was Once Upon a Time, her big recent show that's coming to a close with the seventh season. This was mostly done in the style of fan based questions so it'll be very to the point. To get going with that she mentioned taking a dagger to keep from the set.

Her favorite part of the show was the first season as they all began this long journey together. She doesn't watch it however as she was too close to the show. When it comes to characters she was most intrigued by the handling of Peter Pan with their unique adaptation of the classic well known character. For a character she'd like to see, that would have been Pippy Longstocking. A spoiler detail for this next sentence, her character Emma has a baby named Hope. She'll be appearing in the final season. Jennifer Morrison Calgary Expo 2018
Her favorite actress is Nicole Kidman and her favorite aspect of Once Upon a Time is that it inspires hope, rebellions were built on that you know. Her favorite episode was the musical one, as those are always special in TV series. She really liked seeing Red Riding Hood and the Frozen characters.

The favorite scene she had from the series was Emma with Hook where she won a best kiss award from the Teen Choice Awards. To conclude, her preferred performance medium is the stage with its distinct allure. As previously mentioned it was mostly a panel focused on answering questions with the many answers we put together her in a streamlined way.

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