Calgary Expo 2018 Lou Ferrigno Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 there was an incredible Lou Ferrigno panel where he discussed his life and HULK. He's well known for that classic live action role appearing many times in later Hulk films. First off we'd like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the photography at the event capturing this focused photo. To start, he mentioned “I’ve been the Hulk my whole life”. He demonstrated this by smashing things while on set at the show.

Building on that, two pilots were shot for the original Hulk series and he destroyed everything on the pilot's set. He really wasn't a fan of the green paint, hating it. He wore a lot of prosthetics, had to stay in make 10-12 hours a day. This is where a note was given that “No wonder I was pissed” in response to reactions on set. For a funny tale he actually drove home while still being the Hulk one day. I suppose it would be easy to get lost in the green madness and Hulk out. Lou Ferrigno Calgary Expo 2018
Lou really liked his time on the “King of Queens” , currently he's working on a Discovery Channel show "Pumped Up" and it's about faith, hope and motivation. He was a body builder in the 70's, then he started acting and returned in the 90's. Felt as though there was unfinished business and rejoined the scene. There was a strong comeback there as he returned to form. He said “I love the Hulk because I’m connected to the Hulk” as “Everybody on the planet loves the Hulk”. For a fun story, he once was looking for a parking spot to sun tan. He couldn’t find a spot.

He found a car was parked poorly. After seeing this he got out of his car and moved the double parked car and then parked his car there. The owner of the car ran outside and started screaming at him. A police officer then showed up and ticketed the guy who was parked poorly. For a final note he has a large collection of Hulk memorabilia in his garage! This covers most points that we noted during the panel, for additional coverage and details from the Calgary Expo 2018 check out our hub.

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