Calgary Expo 2018 Wil Wheaton Panel

At the Calgary Expo 2018 there was an interesting Wil Wheaton panel where he discussed various projects among other details. First off we'd like to thank Ken Appleby for providing the photography at the event capturing this moment shown below. There was a mix of discussion here from Tabletop to other aspects of life. He strongly believes that no matter what you do, you should still care about the world.

When it comes to Tabletop season 4 that seems unlikely at the current moment due to time constraints. He does however want to encourage everyone to turn off the technology and give board games a try as they're worth it. If a fourth season does come around he'd like Lea Thompson and Chris Jericho to guest star. He'd also be interested in trying Tabletop on Tour. For those curious, his favorite current game is “Patchwork”.
Wil Wheaton Calgary Expo 2018
Massive Star Trek fan, huge part of life. Feels like the greatest prize in life was to actually be on the Starship Enterprise, like he used to make it when he was a kid. Was very hurt and still is hurt when people who like(d) Star Trek, didn’t like him/or his character. Wants to be the person that his kids look up to, and the person his child self wished to have. He hasn't watched Star Trek: Discovery yet and remembers his cast fondly. These are great memories of his and is still close with many. This brought on a nervousness about TNG when the cast was announced.

He hopes to return to Critical Role. Will be same character as season one. “All we ever wanted was everything” is a book he’s working on. Looking forward to doing audio on it. He did the audiobook for Ready Player One which was number one when it released. His wife has a new book out, “Piggy and Pug” and the two enjoy playing board games together. That sums up a number of details that were presented at the Calgary Expo, if you'd like to read about other panels or see cosplay check out our hub below.

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