Calgary Expo Coverage 2017

The Calgary Expo 2017 was an exciting time and our second year covering the event as press. Not only did we aim to provide better coverage, but we also expanded our activities during the weekend. I mostly walked around with my trusty photographer and we grabbed some of the best cosplay, threw together some video, while also attending the occasional panel.

It was nice to meet the folks of Calgary and take a look at what interesting things they've been up to. The venue was packed with various shops for all sorts of comic type things and many artists also came out. There was something for everyone in these areas and it was good to see the gaming section get an expanded spot. That being said, I wish it was also promoted a bit more since it was slightly out of the way.

The was boosted by a number of celebrity guests that hosted an array of panels on each of the four days so there was always something for people to attend. Some of my favorite panels were the large stage ones. First off was the amazing Todd McFarlane panel of which he hyped up the city and talked about his past.

There were also some reveals about the Spawn movie and this continued with his joint panel the next day. This was of course one where he teamed up with the legendary Stan Lee to discuss things and it was great. I also sent our photographer to cover the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast, with this mainly being due to how tired I was. There was a lot of walking involved and I did about 50km throughout the weekend so I was burnt out, good times.

The weather was also rather nice with only a slightly bad day on the Sunday. This kept it sunny for cosplay and general events/outdoor activities that were taking place. The Coke Stage always had something going on whether that was Quidditch or other display events. All of this content helps make a well rounded experience and I'm sure there was once again something for everyone at every spot on the Stampede Grounds.

When it came to cosplay, there was a lot and many fantastic costumes. One of my absolute favorites was the Doom and Cacodemon which did a crazy job capturing the characters. They were also nice to chat with like many other cosplayers and this brought a friendly attitude to it all. The photo below is also of a great costume with quite some dynamics to it and if you're looking for a laugh check out the video. I get chopped up by some of the folks I talked with and threw in some quick laugh blood in there, I've had good feedback on it thus far.

Everyone was generally cool with our photos and I hope we really captured the best of what we ran into while doing cycles around the place. I was further surprised by some of the variety in cosplay with the Tales of Berseria crew being one and the Guardians being a riot. We'll most likely be back again next year so feel free to keep in touch if you did any cosplay! I certainly enjoyed the Calgary Expo and it's nice to see we have such a strong event in the city.

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