Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox Backwards Compatibility has been Great

Xbox has finally brought out one of the big hitters with Call of Duty: Black Ops which is basically a classic CoD title at this point. After a week of playing the game I've been thoroughly surprised by the response the title has been getting and the overwhelming support.

It's crazy to see the basically dead player base grow so rapidly despite it being so many years as players have been eagerly playing this older Call of Duty on their Xbox One with many it seems for the first time as multiplayer levels seem rather low.

I've been playing each area of the game and have been quite pleased with the performance of the game as it seems to run really well in each area with only later rounds of Zombies have some frame drops. What's really been great about having this title backwards compatible for me at least is purely the nostalgia.
Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox Backwards Compatibility has been Great
In the first night available we had a couple friends actually buy the game again or for the first time just so they could hop in on the fun as we were having a blast playing zombies. We actually recreated an exact team from four or five years ago just by chance of everyone being online.

I had one of my friends that rarely plays hopping on and I was playing with another friend that I've grown apart from with his friend. This was the exact same team we had all those years back on the same map of Kino Der Toten, it was just like picking it up back then aside from the fancier console we have now and Elite controllers.

We ran the same strategies as pack in the day and we even had that same fourth player muted as we did back in the day. It was refreshing and even on that first night we probably played for about six hours or so with a variety of people subbing in throughout the night. This continued over this last week in the smaller amounts, but it's been crazy how refreshed this title I put down years ago has been.

Even playing Wager Matches has been just as fun from back in the day making fun of each other as we get tomahawked and go bankrupt. The multiplayer is a pit hacked up at this point though still playable if you get into the right lobbies so just read carefully as some players are just ridiculous with unlimited airstikes and tear gas which was not too fun in the spawn.

I'll also probably finally replay the last two levels that glitched for me on Veteran the first time around for that achievement. It's been great playing Call of Duty Black Ops on Xbox One and I definitely suggest giving it a try if you played back in the day or haven't had a chance to try out this solid CoD.

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Call of Duty Black Ops Xbox Backwards Compatibility has been Great

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner