Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale Tips & Tricks

March 12, 2020 at 4:10am
By Jason Stettner

The Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale mode can be a big challenge, and perhaps overwhelming for players that are new to the franchise. With that, I compiled some tips and tricks that should cover many elements of play to give you an edge.

Hopefully this helps newcomers the most, as with this being a free to play standalone release there will certainly be many. That aside, I also hope that more experienced players might also notice something new or at least helpful that they didn’t consider for this mode.

You can also watch a video that showcases many of these and more as well in case a visual showcase is more desired. Final note, this is focused on the battle royale mode and not the Plunder one.

The Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale Tips & Tricks List
#1 When it comes to the parachute you can actually smack the ground with it so be careful and actually deploy it. On top of that you can cut and then shoot out the parachute again as you’re falling. This will allow you to cover greater distances. You can also parachute at any point in the game in case you’re jumping off a building to escape from someone.

#2 For landing, I suggest hitting a roof as that will give you a visual advantage over the area and always use situational awareness to be wary of those around you at launch. Tons of people are dropping, and usually right near you.

#3 Use the map, it showcases many icons if you zoom in to know where every essential location is. You can ping locations for your team to head to, or just generally where you want to land. Don’t forget you can also confirm a ping that others have sent out, don’t be afraid to communicate.
Call of Duty Warzone game
#4 The ping system, use it. Seriously, you can ping enemies and weapons or really anything else. You should especially ping enemies when you’re downed to let your teammates know what’s up.

#5 Cash matters, the money you collect can buy you special upgrades or even bring back a teammate from the dead so monitor your cash collection as you play.

#6 Keep your armor levels up, you find armor everywhere and can have three bars of it. It will save your life if you’ve been surprised by an enemy.

#7 Vehicles are surprisingly deadly. Use the large truck to transport your team, or place it out front of a place and use it to climb on a roof. It’s great for ramming, and transportation too. You can also swap between seats quickly and you’ll clearly get a health meter for the condition of the vehicle you’re in.
Call of Duty Warzone game free to play
#8 Sounds matter, jumping through glass will alert enemies to where you are. So will barging through doors which you can do if you’re sprinting by the way. Open doors slowly to make less noise when entering a room. Some players are intense and running about will alert them to where you are located or coming from.

#9 Learn some key locations, and then use those as you dive. If you can get a good squad and be aware of an area you can get a really good start in a match. It does make quite the difference when playing.

#10 Using cover, that’s right. You can attach your weapons to cover you’re behind on the top, or to the side of it. Use this when peaking around corners as well, makes you far less vulnerable.

#11 Checking out your loot. Prior to picking something up if you look at it the item will tell you it’s rarity and the type of tool it is. This ranges from guns to the secondary assist items such as the handy trophy system. It also never hurts to load up on grenades or support throwables as they might get you out of a bad situation.

#12 Loadout drops are definitely awesome. If you find one, or buy one these will grant you your choice of a kit from multiplayer. This is the way to get actual perks and a huge advantage over others.

#13 The bounties and or missions do actually help a lot in terms of the rewards you get so consider tackling some while you play.

#14 Be sure to watch your ammo out there, when you first pick up weapons they don’t come with much. Hitting ammo caches are a good way to make sure you’re stocked up.

There’s the list of battle royale tips and tricks in the game, I hope you found this helpful as a resource. You can read our review of Modern Warfare below, or check out the general franchise hub for additional coverage.

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