Conan Exiles Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Conan Exiles actually ran alright on the base Xbox One hardware, but there's always room for improvements. Being a large scale world it's quite demanding and there are many factors going on at any time. This can cause performance issues or limit the scope of the game, luckily with new hardware some of those limitations have been lifted. The Conan Exiles Xbox One X enhancements include a bump from a 900p resolution on base hardware to a crisp 1440p. This is similar to Ark: Survival Evolved, but I can say this is damn smoother than that game. After playing this for awhile you can clearly see how this new console has benefitted the game and it's just excellent.

I like the type of game since the open world survival games in Early Access are all the rage and honestly this one provides a well needed adult atmosphere to it. It would be nice to get full nudity as I'm not sure why games are always held back in that regard, but its fine enough as is. It's nice to see something that captures the maturity of the Conan universe so well being a visceral experience. Another improvement that was super noticeable right off the start of things was the draw distance. This has been greatly increased as well as a number of minor details now being allowed to show at greater distances. The types of items include tufts, small rocks or even bits of grass which is all necessary for a more realistic world.

Conan Exiles Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
There are some other changes as well to help this realistic world and they deal with the game's density. The areas that do get some sort of forest or grass covering now have some higher foliage density. This is matched by some better shadow quality and it really helps round out the whole thing. It only takes a minor moment once you join into an online game to grow an appreciation of what they've done with it. It's definitely received some solid updates since launch and with this enhancement the game is just solid on the console. I didn't notice any issues while moving across the landscape whether that was sightseeing or taking on various enemies.

I did meet some rather hostile folks, but that's just somewhat expected in these game types. Side stories aside I've actually been blown away by how much better the game is now. The Xbox One X really gives the game the extra performance it needs to shine and provide a world that's not held back. It was strange to see the game just look so much better despite the slight bump in resolution and it mostly puts the Ark enhancement to shame. I'm not sure if there's more complexity to either, but since they're similar I'll make the comparison. Conan Exiles on Xbox One X is playing perfectly fine now and it's an enjoyable experience with a vast world to explore. Now it's just a bit better to explore, the small changes make all the difference.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner