Control E3 2018 Preview

Control is possibly the most bizarre thing I've ever seen at E3 and the game delivers on just being wildly weird. I'd consider this to be peak Remedy as it's clearly based on the same design style as Quantum Break while still turning things up to the next notch. Control is what P7 was, the latter being the codename for the game that was leaked awhile back. The experience follows Jesse, now head of the Federal Bureau of Control she has special abilities and a super badass weapon. This special gun she carries as the head of this group can be modified with abilities and completely tweaked as you progress through the game.

For general context Remedy is recently known for Quantum Break and Alan Wake that aim to mix games with a television style. They tell incredible stories and really push the medium forward, they're amazing. The game is set to release in 2019 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC with it being Xbox One X enhanced while HDR is possible at this time. This is described as being a third person supernatural thriller told in a way that only Remedy could.
Control Lead Screenshot
The demo I watched was pure madness, I was lost in awe of trying to understand what was happening. We're in this Bureau that's part of a corrupted daily reality. You have this guiding female voice and Jesse was just casually walking through madness. I'm going try my best to explain what I saw, but it's seriously wild and weird. You move through this building that's changing and you can pick new paths to explore. Every area is messed up in a different way and everything in the world can change at any moment.

There are side quests to work through and apparently missions you can play through after the game has concluded. It was amazing to see this cleaned version of Quantum Break (very grainy) and it played very well. I was amazed by the visuals and furthermore blown away by the smallest of details being included.

Combat seemed exciting as Jesse has so many abilities and that gun looked like a blast to use. There were floating bodies in the air, destruction everywhere and a shifting landscape. Every room was different and nothing made sense, yet it did. Control will certainly be what I'd consider peak Remedy, and it's looking good. A hard game to paint a picture of, you really need to actually see it.

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