Daggerhood Review

"Teleporting Dagger"


March 16, 2019 at 2:59am
By Jason Stettner

Daggerhood is a rather interesting title that follows one individual that has been cast into a dangerous cave system. Each of the hundred levels present unique challenges and goals. You're always aiming to use speed, while balancing a search for hidden secrets. This includes special in-game riches, a hidden fairy and of course the path to get through each level as quickly as possible. Other than that, the levels are mostly fast paced.

You'll come across creatures, deadly traps and many secretive elements of death at every turn. You need to be quick, and strategic as you use the dagger to swiftly teleport around. There are five worlds that offer some variety and a boss waiting for you within each. It's small in scale, yet it does have some surprisingly intriguing and stable mechanics that are expanded upon as you progress. The game also features really easy Xbox Achievements if you're hunting for it.


With Daggerhood you get old school visuals that carry some depth. You definitely know what objects are, and can clearly see the deadly traps stick out from the walls. The visuals were decent, nothing too mind blowing for this style. There's a decent selection of enemies you'll come across and their placement was neat as it challenged your pathing if you wanted fast times.

I would have to set certain jumps with a shot in order to tackle particular jumpers. That being creatures that would sort of be hidden off screen that you'd end up running into. The hidden items are neat, an extra layer of replay if you want to grab them. A nice challenge as well since some were very difficult to obtain. The controls were largely accurate which helped, but sometimes I'd have difficulty getting that teleporation dagger just right.
Daggerhood Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Daggerhood brings a solid quantity of levels and a decent challenge as you attempt to just survive. There's a fair amount of content here, and some extra value if you aim to get the hidden collectibles on the levels. It's a fast game to play, but it does have some level of difficulty to it as you continue to progress.

The visuals are alright, and the controls are largely solid. It has a distinct mechanic with the thrown teleportation, and perhaps it could have taken that further. It's a decent title, gets the job done while being somewhat fun. It also has easy Xbox Achievements if that's something you're into. This element doesn't factor into the score, but I thought it was worth mentioning to add some extra words to this review.

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Daggerhood Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner