Days Gone: Bugged the Hell Out Gas Location Guide

In Days Gone one of the initial missions titled “Bugged the Hell Out” tasks you with finding a gas canister in order to start a generator. This was strangely something I had an issue with locating and it’s actually in a rather interesting spot that’s hard to miss. Since I couldn’t find it right away, I thought I’d compile a quick guide to the general location.

With this spot you’ll have to make your way to a Nero Center area on part of a highway. The gas itself is specifically located on the tow truck in the middle of the road area. It’s tucked away on the left of vehicle’s back and can grab it.

Days Gone Gas Bike

You’ll then take that gas to the generator on the left hand side of the building when facing it from the road. Holding circle you’ll fill the generator up and then start it. This will allow entrance inside the base type research center. Be sure to grab the special crate item inside as it’ll allow the boosting of your general character stats.

Other than fuel, you’ll find various other crafting parts in the nearby area and some melee items. Nothing too valuable in this section aside from quest items. Check out some other neat content below as we prepare additional coverage for this title.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner