DayZ Console Private Servers Pricing & Full Details

July 24, 2019 at 4:11pm
By Jason Stettner

With the 1.04 update, DayZ Xbox One and Playstation 4 players will be able to have private servers on their particular console platform of choice. Things are different however between the platforms, and the full details will be found below. These servers will be provided by Bohemia’s direct partner, Nitrado.

For context, these servers allow you to somewhat customize your own gaming experience within DayZ. It’s close to vanilla, with some options to tweak it. These are persistent servers, where content is saved within them if you’re say, building something. They can be wiped at the host’s discretion as well. The tools you’ll get to customize are accessed via the Nitrado web interface, the smartphone app or through the App on the Xbox One/Windows 10 PC store.

Things That Can be Adjusted
-Server Name
-Time and time Acceleration
-Maximum player count (up to 100)
-Camera Mode
-Access to in-game logs, to monitor what’s happening
-Server Messages
Survivor GameZ DayZ
Control wise you can setup a password, to make it easy to protect your server from unwanted guests. There’s an option for first person only and you can adjust how time runs within it. Price wise, and this is all in USD pricing there are multiple options from within the app. If you’re on Xbox use the Nitrado app, Playstation 4 users will use the Nitrado website. The list of server costs can be found below. For prior context, days are how long the server will run with the purchase and slots are how many players can enjoy the server at once.

DayZ Console Private Servers Pricing
10 Slots (30 Days) - $13.99
20 Slots (30 Days) - $21.99
32 Slots (30 Days) - $34.49
50 Slots (30 Days) - $53.99
70 Slots (30 Days) - $74.49
100 Slots (30 Days) - $98.49

10 Slots (90 Days) - $37.99
20 Slots (90 Days) - $59.99
32 Slots (90 Days) - $94.49
50 Slots (90 Days) - $145.99
70 Slots (90 Days) - $199.99
100 Slots (90 Days) - $269.99

10 Slots (1 Year) - $145.99
20 Slots (1 Year) - $229.99
32 Slots (1 Year) - $359.49
50 Slots (1 Year) - $549.99
70 Slots (1 Year) - $749.99
100 Slots (1 Year)- $949.99

Those are all the details for this experience thus far, read our review of the Xbox One DayZ version below or check out the general franchise hub for additional coverage over time.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner