DayZ Xbox One Halloween 2018 Details

One of the more exciting holidays in the calendar year is that of Halloween. While DayZ Xbox One didn't have anything in this regard for this year, I compiled a video about what to expect in the future. It may sound strange, but with this iteration of the game being based on the standalone PC early access release you can take a look at that to see what will be available in the future. The two versions will share content being basically the same platform.

With that, the Halloween events going forward will feature some spooky elements. That includes pumpkins that can be found within the world and placed on your head as a mask. That's basically all for items which is disappointing, but they do also dress up the world. There's a thick ambient fog that's creepy and provided throughout the world. It's quite neat, and discussed further in the video below. You can also read out thoughts on the Xbox Game Preview title below or view our DayZ hub for additional coverage.

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DayZ Xbox One Halloween 2018 Details Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner