DayZ Xbox One How to Craft a Fishing Rod

December 8, 2019 at 5:10pm
By Jason Stettner

In DayZ Xbox One and Playstation 4 the 1.06 update brings in the ability to actual craft fishing rods, and to use them for the act of catching the creatures of the streams. In this quick guide we’ll be going over the creation of a makeshift fishing rod, while also talking about general usage with regular ones that you find along the way surviving out there.

How to use fishing rod DayZ
Regular Fishing Rod
You can find these in various buildings, and they’re easy to use. They don’t come pre-made, so you do need to find or create a hook. There are actual hooks out there to collect, these are rare however.

To make a hook you need to find bones from animals in the game and then combine them with a sharp object such as a knife for the option to create a fishing hook. Now, if you want to actually get catching you’ll also need worms. Use either a shovel, or another sharp item such as a knife with the dirt in the game. It will give you the option to collect a worm. Combine the worm with the hook, this will create a baited fishing hook.

Then, within your inventory combine the fishing rod with the hook we just made in order to begin having the option to successfully fish. Head over to a body of water, and it’ll prompt you if you have the fishing rod in your hand.

Makeshift Improvised Fishing Rod
This will require more effort, use either a knife or your hands on a push. You’ll want to get a long stick from doing this. Add the long stick to your inventory, or place on your back and then find rope. You can combine the rope and the long stick to make this makeshift tool. From there, follow the same steps as previously detailed. Use either a bone based or real hook and add bait. Find the water, and get fishing.

This is generally a fairly simple situation, the acting of collecting fish in this game. It shouldn’t be hard as it prompts you, it’s just the gear that takes time to get or well use. This should be easy to follow and not at all difficult to follow guide wise. Those are all the details for this experience thus far, read our review of the Livonia DayZ version below or check out the general franchise hub for additional coverage over time.

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